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Visit Roof Warehouse for high-quality GRP roofing in North Devon. We sell a range of GRP fibreglass flat roofing systems for both commercial and domestic applications. Our GRP roofing products are supplied by market-leading manufacturers and achieve a durable, hardwearing and attractive finish. If you would like to find out more about our GRP roofing in North Devon, then please visit us or contact us on 07464991180.

What is GRP Roofing?

GRP stands for ‘glass reinforced plastic’. This type of roofing system is a single-ply roofing laminate membrane that is manufactured from a polyester resin that has been enforced with GRP fibres. Due to its low maintenance and long-life expectancy of around 25 years, GRP is widely used in both commercial and domestic applications.

Benefits of GRP Roofing

GRP roofing is the ideal roofing system for flat roofs because it has many benefits over other types of flat roofing systems. It is ideal for commercial roofing jobs such as schools, office blocks, industrial units, hospitals and shopping centres to name a few. Benefits of this type of roofing material include the following:

  • Simple and efficient to install
  • Achieves a seamless surface layer which reduces the possibility of faults occurring
  • Superior weather roofing
  • Sizes can be cut bespoke to your needs
  • Low maintenance
  • Roof life expectancy of around 25 years+
  • Cost-effective
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Res-Tec 1010

Res-Tec 1010 is the ultimate GRP flat roofing system. We sell the entire Res-Tec 1010 system. Products include:

  • Base Coat Resin 10kg
  • Base Coat Resin 20kg
  • Top Coat Resin 10kg
  • Top Coat Resin 20kg
  • Catalyst 1kg
  • Catalyst 5kg
  • 18mm OSB3 Boards
  • 450g Chopped Strand Mat
  • Taping Mat
  • Anti-Slip Grit
  • Acetone
  • Catalyst Dispenser
  • Wide range of ResTrims
  • Range of application tools

Benefits of the Res-Tec 1010 Roofing System

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Flexitec 2020

Flexitec is an innovative GRP roofing system featuring flexible technology. Incorporating the same benefits as other fibreglass roofing systems, it uses a powder hardener for fast curing and is also reinforced with fibreglass for additional strength and crack resistance. The flexible technology means it can be used to coat most common roof types such as asphalt, concrete, felt, timber and GRP. As a result, existing roofs can be overlaid without needing to strip down prior to application. We sell the entire Flexitec 2020 roofing system including:

  • Flexitec 2020 Resin 10kg
  • Flexitec 2020 Resin 20kg
  • Flexitec 2020 Primer 5kg
  • Flexitec Powder Hardener 1kg
  • 225g Chopped Strand Mat
  • Anti-slip Grit (optional)
  • Wide range of ResTrims
  • Range of application tools

Benefits of Flexitec 2020


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